[Drama][Sub] 태왕사신기(Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) #23

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Episode 23
The Crown Prince of Later Yan needs protection against those who plot against him.
But we can't take soldiers there. It is still Later Yan territory.
Put five thousand men at Hyundo and Shin Fortress.
They must be prepared to set out at a moment's notice.
What are your plans, Your Majesty?
You saw it just now.
The mountainous stack of reports. Take care of them for me, General.
Your Majesty!
If you help someone who may be king of a nation, it may be useful for us.
- Teacher! - Yes, Your Majesty.
Are there Guh Mool disciples at Yong Fortress in Later Yan?
Of course. We have quite a number of them there.
You must go with me.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I plan on leaving Jumuchi here. I have only you to trust.
Your Majesty!
Are you going by yourself again?
General Go Woo Choong, you will help Jumuchi.
I think he'll have a hard time himself.
Alright, you may close it up now. Be careful.
Put it over there.
Ba Son, help me take a look at my axe.
You fool! How can you grind your axe every day?
Look at it carefully! I think it's too sharp.
Go and talk to her! Go and grab her!
You're my woman! I'll make you happy!
Say something like that!
Say that again... what was it?
You poor fellow! What's the use of fighting well?
Look at me. Grab her like this.
Look into her eyes...
You want to be mine?
<i>Excuse me!</i>
Aren't you going, too?
Going? Wh...where would I go?
It looked like His Majesty is traveling again. I prepared the supplies for him.
He's leaving without me? Well...!
He's leaving again! He's never here at the palace.
Twenty days out of fifty he's at the battlefield. The other twenty he's traveling around.
And five days he's at the training ground.
Grab her!
You know that wooden house near the Donggol?
His Majesty asked me to take a look at it, so I did.
If we liked it, he said he'll give it to us.
I... I liked it.
When you come back, you should take a look. See if you like it.
When...when I come back, I...I'm sure I'll like it.
If Dal Ja likes it, then I...house...
Tell Overlord Ga Geun at Gwanmi to use the troops to till the soil.
I will tell him immediately.
It is important that they do not miss the sowing time.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty!
Please, at least take the soldiers here with me.
I will have them change into laymen's clothes.
I'm supposed to be entering a foreign country in secret with throngs of guards around me?
Will that make me safe?
I'll be back soon.
I have never seen His Majesty being so impatient.
What was in that letter?
That letter from Later Yan... He's been acting strange ever since he read it.
Don't you think so?
<i>Your Majesty! Your Majesty!</i>
Thank you for the house, Your Majesty!
<i>Yong Fortress in Later Yan</i>
<i>Go Woon Residence</i>
You have had a long journey.
<i>Go Woon: a man of Goguryeo adopted by Moyong Bo Emperor of Later Yan.</i>
<i>He later becomes the King of Northern Yan.</i>
Well done.
Teacher, please take the children and leave the area for a while.
I must take some men with me and go to guard the Crown Prince.
When that happens, there will only be women and children in this place.
I will send some servants with you. Please go to the country house for a while.
Yes, sir. Have you received a response from Goguryeo?
I didn't expect it, anyway.
If there is internal conflict in Later Yan, this will be a good thing for Goguryeo.
If I were the king, I would try to exacerbate the problem.
I think we did a futile thing.
~ speaks Later Yan ~
Speak as the teacher taught you.
Father, are you going somewhere?
Well done! I must go somewhere. Stay with the Teacher and don't leave her.
- If something happens to me... - Don't worry about the children.
I'll be with them.
Shall we go on an outing? Go and change your clothes.
Where are you from? I have never seen you before.
- So this is the residence? - Yes, Elder.
- They are from Goguryeo. - Goguryeo!
- It can't be...! - It probably can.
Did the owner of this house not send a message to Goguryeo?
Take the children first. I will join you after I deliver the message.
So you're from Goguryeo?
- We are here on orders from the king. - Please take a seat.
So the King of Goguryeo received my message.
Did he say he will send troops?
He said he would not.
Yes, of course.
Sending troops to another land would be difficult.
But I thought he would do something.
He has the finest mercenary forces. I thought he might send them at least...
Who told you that?
Who told you about the mercenaries?
- Oh, we have a teacher from Goguryeo. - May I meet the teacher?
She has left with my children.
Moyong Hwe has taken men towards the Crown Prince's Palace. It looks like there's over a hundred men!
- What? - Is he going to strike in broad daylight?
What is the king doing?
There is no movement from him.
Is he saying he won't interfere?
We must protect the Crown Prince.
Moyong Hwe is the second son of the king, but he is trying to kill the Crown Prince.
The king is standing by to see who survives.
Will you help us?
You must save him. I am his guard.
- We've come to help you. - I have gathered about 50 men.
But they are not fighters, so I don't know how much help they would be.
- How many men do you have? - There are only four of us.
Does Moyong Hwe command troops?
I wonder if they're good.
- You said the King of Goguryeo sent you! - That's right. He sent the four of us.
I think he's looking down on us.
- So I guess he won't be giving us any food. - Are you hungry at a time like this?
What will you do, Your Majesty?
We have to save him. I have something to ask him, anyway.
Please let me know.
What do you think of the men? Will they be useful at all?
Depends on the opponent, but I think half of them don't even know how to draw a sword.
So all we have to do is protect the Crown Prince?
On our way here, we passed by the Crown Prince's Palace. It wasn't very big.
A hundred men could overcome it, and only a few men were guarding it.
That means the front gate will be an easy target.
The king did not allow the Crown Prince to have soldiers.
I don't know what he's afraid of.
I don't really want to fight a hundred men.
So why don't we sneak in and take him out secretly?
But I don't know what he looks like, and he doesn't know what I look like either.
Will you go with us?
Let us go in.
{\a6}<i>Moyong Bo's Palace</i>
Open the gate! Moyong Bo, open the gate!
Let's divide them in half.
I'll take one half if two of you will take the other.
- It's too many. - Look at how feeble they look!
Then do it yourself.
Moving out!
- What about here? - I like it.
It's almost the same number of people as just now!
Go through that door.
Let's go.
Now! It's right now! It's up!
Come here, everyone!
Go down there, show your faces and then run in that direction!
- Run away? - You don't want us to fight?
What is so difficult to understand? All you have to do is what you're told!
So go down there, just show them your faces and then run like hell in that direction!
- Where is the Crown Prince? - He is in the study.
Your Highness! It is Go Woon! Are you inside?
Your Highness! Open the door! Your Highness!
We don't have much time.
Your Highness!
Your Highness! I have come to fetch you.
<i>Moyong Bo - Crown Prince of Later Yan</i>
Why is my father doing nothing?
I am going through such suffering! But why is Father doing nothing?
Your Highness! I will guard you with my life.
Lord Go, you said you are originally from Goguryeo.
That's right.
I've heard that many times before.
You said that the enemy was Moyong Hwe. Is he here today?
- How is everything? - They will break down the gate soon.
- Is that Moyong Hwe? - What if it isn't?
You're right.
Oh, here you are!
- The king has finally sent help. - Really?
He has so many sons and relatives and they're always fighting amongst themselves.
- He must be sick of it. - Did you find out what I asked?
- The teacher Lord Go talked about? - They say it's a woman.
- Really? - They say she's young.
She has been living with them for about a year and teaches the children.
The lady of the house died a long time ago.
He kept her because she's also from Goguryeo and she takes good care of the children.
Really? Oh, no...
Come here!
- Oh, you're so heavy! - They're safe!
They say the teacher has left to visit a relative's house.
Where is that relative's house?
I'm not sure. She takes the child and goes there often.
But I have never asked her where it is.
She was a single mother raising her child alone, so I helped her by keeping her here.
Is she someone you know?
Now, let's go inside! I have prepared for a feast. Let us go inside!
Where did the woman separate from you?
Teacher! Are you ill?
- My heart... - Are you hungry?
Take him inside.
Teacher! Shall I make you some porridge?
We were fortunate that the king sent the Royal Guard to protect him.
Thank you for your help.
Do you know that the Queen of Goguryeo was held as hostage here by Moyong Hwan a long time ago?
Yes, I heard.
My grandfather was amongst the hostages.
My grandfather was one of the royal family that was brought here as hostage.
Yes, I know that the descendents have lived here and continued using our language and customs.
Will you take a look at this?
When the Queen was kidnapped and brought here, she gave this to my grandfather for safekeeping.
Now that you are here on orders from the king, I will ask you this favor.
Please deliver this to the King of Goguryeo.
<i>Heavenly Bow - The Bow of Hwanwoong transformed from the Sacred Sword of Jumong</i>
Are you alright?
Yes, Your Majesty.
This is about Chun Goong.
- Yes, there's only two characters here. - That's right.
<i>This is a secret scroll.</i>
We have the beginning part of this at Guh Mool Village. This is the last part.
I didn't know this existed.
So there were words revealed? What did it say?
Your Majesty, we have come to entreat you.
Why do you look so serious?
Although this ancient word is priceless, I beg you to burn it away.
You don't want me to know what it says?
They are words describing the use of the Heavenly Bow.
The Heavenly Bow can be used only by the Joo Shin king.
But it gives him the power to kill or to save the gods of Heaven, based on his will.
I've used it once before.
The issue is the next part.
The Heavenly Bow has the power to destroy the sacred symbols.
So to rephrase, the only thing that can destroy the sacred symbols is the Heavenly Bow?
- How? Do you shoot arrows at them? - It's easy.
If you destroy the Bow, everything else is also destroyed.
It looks like it won't be easily destroyed.
If it is destroyed, then the Joo Shin king will also die!
The sacred symbols, the guardians, and the Joo Shin king will all die!
That's why it was hidden in the Sacred Sword of Jumong, so that only the heart of the Joo Shin could reveal it.
This secret cannot be revealed to the world. Please allow us to burn it and destroy it forever!
- Isn't that strange? - What is?
Why did Heaven send down its power, and why did Hwanwoong hide it?
And why did he leave this?
Don't you agree?
Or is it just me?
- Don't do that! - Your Majesty!
The southern border has sent a message. Baekje has attacked.
They are headed towards Soogok Fortress.
His Majesty is here!
Your Majesty, the Guh Mool Village has sent a report.
This is Soogok Fortress. We thought they would go to Gwanmi Fortress, but we were wrong.
They must have known that while Ga Geun is Overlord at Gwanmi, they have no chance there.
<i>Your Majesty!</i>
All preparations are ready. I have prepared horses for the quickest journey.
Teacher, is General Jinmu still heading the Baekje Army?
King Ashin is heading a cavalry of five thousand.
His goal may be to reach them quickly.
Tell Soogok Fortress to withstand the assault.
Tell them I will go there myself.
Soogok Fortress is surrounded by mountains on the east, west and north, and plains on the south.
There is a river in front of the fortress, and the defenses there are generally weak.
I don't know if they will be able to survive the attack until we reach them.
Let's ride without stopping.
Your Majesty, must we really wear that armor?
It doesn't really fit me and...!
Ba Son said that she has one specially made for you.
I'd rather give up the General position!
And there's someone to help you put it on.
<i>You don't know how to wear the armor, so ask her...</i>
Why must we keep pushing them together?
Why don't you give them an imperial order? If they disobey, the punishment is 100 strokes.
Or something like that.
Ba Son!
<i>3rd Year: Baekje's attack on Gwanmi Fortress. Baekje retreats after forces fight back.</i>
<i>Baekje's King Ashin continued to declare war.</i>
<i>And each time, His Majesty led his army and fought them off victoriously.</i>
<i>4th Year: Attack on Soogok Fortress by Baekje. His Majesty gains victory with 5,000 men.</i>
<i>5th year: Major Victory against Baekje.</i>
<i>His Majesty takes 7,000 men against Baekje's 30,000 and takes 8,000 men as hostages.</i>
Now is the time you have been waiting for, Your Majesty.
Reports show that King Ashin is trying to draft men for his army,
and his supplies are running very low.
Elder, this is the report from Shilla.
The men who have run away from Baekje's draft are gathering at Shilla.
They have asked for help with the Baekje refugees.
- Your Majesty... - What about the report from Gwanmi Fortress?
Everything is ready. The army there has been fully trained.
- Your Majesty... - What about Khitan?
Don't worry about that!
The tribes are busy quarreling amongst themselves about the location of the roadwork.
- Your...Your Majesty! - Shilla?
They will move their forces towards Gaya.
They will try to prevent Gaya from sending reinforcements to Baekje.
Let's deal with Baekje.
The first force will head towards Arisoo. They will set up camp to attract their attention.
<i>Our naval forces will leave Gwanmi Fortress and land on Hae An.</i>
<i>The third force will be made up of the Iron Horse Warriors and will ride nonstop to Han Castle.</i>
<i>The second force will ride straight to Han Castle.</i>
<i>Any fortresses on the way will be passed through after we have planted our flag.</i>
<i>With the forces waiting at Arisoo, we will attack Han Castle from all directions.</i>
<i>The sixth year of His Majesty's reign, war against Baekje finally began.</i>
<i>The morale in His Majesty's army pierced the Heavens. He had prepared for this war for four years.</i>
<i>As His Majesty wanted, Baekje's power was crumbling.</i>
<i>King Ashin was besieged by his people's anger at the never-ending wars and decreasing resources.</i>
<i>Before the season was over, His Majesty conquered Han Castle.</i>
<i>The day after the downfall of Han Castle,</i>
<i>King Ashin came to see His Majesty without horse or palanquin.</i>
<i>Baekje's King Ashin</i>
If you have come to beg for your life, you should bow your knees!
Before I bow down, a defeated king comes to request a favor from the victorious king.
I am listening.
Amongst Baekje's allies are Gaya in the southeast and West Baekje across the sea.
If you want them as well, you will have to fight and kill for a year longer.
What nonsense is this?
It was always Baekje that started the wars.
And each time you ran away, we saved you from death!
We have heard that the King of Goguryeo is not interested in land, but in brothers.
So allow us to keep our nation as Baekje, and prevent more innocent blood from being shed.
What? Innocent blood?
Do you want to keep the nation of Baekje or do you want your life?
I, Ashin of Baekje, kneel before the King of Goguryeo.
I swear to Heaven that I will always serve you and be loyal to you.
Take Baekje as Goguryeo's younger brother and take me as your slave.
Take your own life.
Then I will keep your Baekje and raise a king.
I will repay this favor in my next life.
Will you lend me your sword?
The king will keep his promise. Trust him and go now.
Does Baekje teach the same things?
Goguryeo and Baekje are brother nations from the time of King Jumong.
We were all once the people of Joo Shin.
Your Majesty! How can you trust him?
The minute we turn our backs, he will gather soldiers again!
He will gather them until he has enough to attack us!
Take care of Baekje.
- Prepare the troops. We return to Gooknae Castle! - Yes, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Will you allow them to keep being Baekje?
- That's my plan. - They will stab us in the back!
- Perhaps. - You will regret it.
- I'm already regretting it. - Then why did you do it?
I've thought about it.
- But I think I'm fighting against Heaven. - Fighting against Heaven?
Being the Joo Shin king, the four sacred symbols...
Do you know how much I hate them?
- What? - Do you know how much I have lost because of them?
My mother, my father...
- My people... - Your Majesty!
I want to establish the Joo Shin Nation
without the help of Heaven.
How can man establish the Joo Shin Nation without the help of Heaven?
How can it be done with righteousness?
- Is that so? - What?
People begging, entreating it for teachings, crying out for help...
Is that what Heaven wants?
Where are you and what are you doing?
We cannot find anyone by the name of Sujini.
Gooknae Castle seems to be looking for her, as well. But they are unable to find her.
There was a high possibility that she was the Black Phoenix...?
Is that why she had to leave?
She may have changed her name. She is said to be very good at archery.
Look for any female that age who is good at archery.
Look for her to the ends of the world... She's my sister.
- Yes, my lady. - Sa Ryang, and...
It's nothing. You may leave.
It was from that moment on!
It all started from the moment she dropped that rice ball.
I remember that exact moment. That Jumuchi's eyes went all crazy!
Why isn't there any woman like that around me?
There's so many around me!
Hey, by the way, I heard your tribe rejected the land the king gave you!
That used to be your goal! What happened?
We decided that we wanted all the roads in the entire world!
How do you own the road? Do you write your names on it?
We are making a merchant clan!
From the ends of the world,
we're going to deliver, transport, buy and sell goods from all over the world!
- Ba Son! - What?
- Is it eight or nine years? - What is?
Since our Sujini left?
She hasn't left completely! She should be living nicely somewhere.
She should be married by now and have a kid.
What's that fool doing?
How's he going to leave at that rate? He might as well pack her along with him.
What do you do with your armor? It's always so warped when you return!
What else would I do with the armor? I fight in it!
Ba Son made it especially for you. Don't you feel bad?
Should I leave it off next time?
If His Majesty tells you to go, then you go. And if he tells you to stop, then stop.
- Don't do anything by yourself! - When did I do that?
- I should be going along, too. - Don't say that!
How long will His Majesty be staying here? He hasn't been back for long.
My wife...
He's always on the battlefield. I wonder how his health is?
- My wife...! - Does he have anyone to take care of him?
Oh, goodness!
- There must be another message! - Those damn birds!
Careful! Be careful!
Your Majesty! The Later Yan Army is moving.
They are headed towards our border.
- How many? - About 30,000.
- 30,000! - Something's strange!
How can Later Yan be so fearless as to send 30,000 soldiers?
Didn't they lose their king and 400,000 men in the war with Bukwi last year?
That's right. I wonder what is driving them to cross our border?!
- Your Majesty, men from Shilla wish to speak to you! - Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Invaders are everywhere in Shilla from Namguh Fortress to Shilla Castle!
They urgently request your assistance!
What is the update on Baekje?
Baekje's King Ashin is not an easy man to manipulate.
- He will not move according to our will. - Then I will give him a reason to move.
How many of Wei's forces are in Gaya?
Wei is continuing to send forces into Gaya.
Continue to attack Shilla so that they will ask Goguryeo for help.
It is imperative that we divide Goguryeo's army!
Your Majesty! They have attacked Shin Fortress!
King of Goguryeo, what will you do?
Will you help Shilla, or will you come to take back your fortress in Later Yan?
Either choice is not an easy one. Baekje will be waiting for you in the south.
Make your move.
General, I will give you 50,000 men.
Fifty thousand?
You'll give me fifty thousand men?
50,000 men including the cavalry. Take them and send the enemy to the end of Gaya.
Grind them into the ground!
That's exactly how I like to do it!
Baekje won't be able to do anything unexpected.
- Dal Gu! - Yes, Your Majesty!
Go and get the two generals for me. The White General will be at home.
And the Blue General will be in the forest.
<i>The King of Goguryeo is headed here. He is bringing a small army of 7,000 men.</i>
When they are seen, move the men immediately.
The first wave will be 20,000 men. Every ten days, another 20,000 will join.
Bring them here to Abullansa.
We will set up a trap for the King of Goguryeo.
We need bait and I think you would be perfect.
There is word that the remaining two sacred symbols are at the Guh Mool Village.
Will you fetch them for me?
I hear that you have placed your seal on a few men in Guh Mool Village.
You can control them.
Go and bring them back; the symbols of the White Tiger and Turtle Snake.
I will return the land of the Tiger Tribe that you so desperately want.
Welcome! What will you have?
We are very hungry as we've come a long way. Do you have any food for us?
My nanny is deaf. Tell me!
You can ask me for anything.
- We'll give you the best we have! - Ajik!
Please wait a moment. I've just caught some fresh fish. We'll prepare it for you!
- Ajik! - I'm here!
- Tell Nanny to boil some water. - Alright!
I followed you here because I thought perhaps you would recognize me.
What brings you here?
This is Goguryeo land. The great general of Later Yan shouldn't be walking around so freely here.
I came to deliver a message to His Majesty.
Did His Majesty come here with the forces at Hyundo Fortress?
I don't know the details, but please believe that His Majesty summoned me secretly as a fellow countryman.
Are the children well? Please forgive me for leaving without notice.
<i>Hyundo Fortress - First fortress in southern Goguryeo</i>
There is someone else who controls the army of Later Yan.
As you well know, the Crown Prince you helped many years ago became king...
...but he was poisoned two years later.
The present king is easily said to be their pawn.
- Their...? - The Hwachun.
They are presently behind the powers of Bukwi.
They are also the ones who have sent the Later Yan army as the first wave of attacks in this war.
I heard that the Commander of Bukwi is originally from Goguryeo.
Are you referring to Ki Mo In?
He is said to have made the Bukwi army into an awesome force in a year.
I don't know if he's from Goguryeo,
but I heard that his training methods are similar to Goguryeo.
Was it also his strategy to attack Shin Fortress?
Yes. 30,000 of Later Yan forces all answered to his command.
Your Majesty, the forces at Later Yan are being used as bait.
We have received orders to retreat to Ma Bol when you strike back at Shin Fortress.
- Did you just say Ma Bol? - Yes.
Your Majesty! Abullansa is in that place!
Abullansa is the Hwachun headquarters.
And their headquarters were created on top of the Sacred Tree!
Long time no see!
So you two were the famous Blue and White Generals of Goguryeo!
I was so surprised when I heard it!
And to find out he was the king!
He says we're famous! Did you hear him?
I have missed seeing all of you.
And on the way here, I met the teacher who used to teach my children.
How many years ago was that?
That teacher you were looking for... We didn't know any news of her.
But on the way, I ran into her...
I think she left. There's no sign of her.
It doesn't seem like she's been gone long. If we go quickly, we might find her.
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<i>It is almost over.</i>
<i>Go and bring Damduk's heart.</i>
- I will help you. - Does your aunt still drink a lot?
No, she can't! She can't even drink a drop!
<i>It is said that beings from Heaven live forever.</i>
<i>So will you wait for me?</i>
I never believed the rumor that you were dead. Because I never permitted such a thing to happen.
You're the king! You should be at your palace.
From this moment on, where you are is where my palace is.
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